The Agriculture Department, Government of Punjab, Pakistan has initiated a project “Establishment of Model Farms Linked with Improved Supply Chain and Value Addition” which aims to enhance export through support broad-based economic transformation in horticulture industry (Citrus, Mango, Potato, Vegetables and other minor crops) of Punjab by Establishment of Model Farms Linked with Improved Supply Chain &Value Addition. It requires provision of technical assistance for capacity building for quality improvement & support services, support for international certifications, development of supply chain infrastructure and market linkages program for smooth and successful implementation. A strong innovative strategy, approach, methodology, implementation mechanism for development and marketing linkages is being developed under this project.

Capacity Building

International Certifications

Supply Chain

Market Linkage


To see Pakistan Agriculture as eminent export industry in South East Asian region particularly in citrus, mango, potato and vegetables.


To promote the agricultural industry of Pakistan on a national and international level through the establishment of model, innovative farms that generate high quality, value added produce and subsidizing of exporters so they can explore new markets and contribute towards the 30% increase in exports that EMFP has envisioned.


Main objective of the project is to establish model farms to produce quality selected agricultural products best quality products and enhance their export, especially in the high end markets of different countries demanding Pakistani products having quality, good taste and cosmetic beauty.

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