Market Linkage Program

Market Linkage

Market Linkage Program is the most important component. As the Project aims to provide enabling environment for enhancement of exports by supporting for compliance to SPS requirements, GAP, Food safety & International Certifications demanded by the high end International Markets. It is very important to create International Linkages through the Project interventions. Based on the project aims and objectives and project interventions, both International & Domestic markets are being targeted for marketing of the certified quality produce.

International Market Linkages

The project aims to improve the quality of the produce by addressing the SPS issues and standards of food safety and hygiene. Compliance to these issues is required for entering high end International Markets. The marketing strategy is demand driven based on the market requirements, trends, consumer behaviour, transit time and profitability. Exports are the source of not only earning foreign exchange for the country but also help the stakeholders to earn more profits. International Market linkages are being developed by two ways; participation in International Exhibitions and by arranging single country promotional campaigns.

International Exhibitions:
International exhibitions are an effective mean of displaying / presenting our commodity in the international arena. Chances for developing customer linkages during such exhibitions are very high.
Promotional Campaigns:
These campaigns are arranged in the potential international markets with the help of the foreign missions / Embassies / International retail chains etc. The campaigns include free sampling, display, free of cost samples to taste and sale at discounted price. These campaigns are generally arranged at renowned super stores / hotels to create awareness among general public.

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Mango promotion in Malaysia

EMFP promoted Pakistani Mango (SB and White Chaunsa) in high potential markets of Malaysia. With the collaboration of two major importers CTG & Euro Atlantic, Pakistani Mango Promotion was carried out in 32 outlets across Malaysia. EMFP also sponsored the launch of Pakistani mango Chaunsa, on 5th August 2018, at a renowned chain of stores, Village Grocers. The event saw a large turnout from consumers, attracted by the Pakistan mangoes on display. The High Commissioner of Pakistan to Malaysia, Mohammad Nafees Zakaria, attended the impressive Launch. Successful B2Bs were organized with renowned 05-Malaysian Importer Companies and facilitated 03 Pakistani Exporters.  For further details, view our gallery.

Domestic Market Linkages

It is worth mentioning that share for exports out of the total production is small and the remaining is sold in the domestic market. Metropolitan cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi and Multan have network of multinational and national chain stores that sell Fruits, Vegetable. The linkages are being developed between many big stores dealing with fresh produce of high standards.
Trade Fairs and exhibitions play a vital role in creating public awareness and marketing and showcasing. An International standard exhibitions are being arranged under this project. Such exhibitions are arranged in the Expo center Lahore where local companies / growers / exporters / processors exhibit their quality produce. These exhibitions are not only educate the local customer but also attract International buyers.


Pakistan Horti Expo ’18

Pakistan Horti Expo ’18 was held on the 13th and 14th of January, 2018 at the Expo Centre, Lahore. It was an exclusive b2b event with a mission to bring growers, processors and exporters on one unified platform and to boost the Pakistani trade. Citrus, potatoes and tomatoes were the products that were largely promoted at the expo. With 20,000 visitors and 150 exhibitors from across the country, the initiative was a huge success. For further details, view our gallery or visit the website linked below

Punjab Agri Expo ’18

Punjab Agri Expo ’18 was held on the 23rd and 24th of June, 2018 at Expo Centre, Lahore. It was an effort to provide grounds for fruitful collaborations with national and international players in the agriculture industry. It provided a unique opportunity to 150 local exhibitors to market their products to local and 40 international delegates, create linkages and gain a competitive edge. The expo focused on the promotion of processed as well as fresh fruits and vegetables like mango, potato, tomato, rice and cotton etc, with special focus on Mangoes.