Success Story




Name: Iqbal Mehmood S/O Hussain Bakhsh

Contact# 0300-8675104

Address: Chak 51, UC Bahoudipur, Rahimyar Khan

I am owner of 100 acres of Mango orchard. I was facing problem of anthracnose, sudden death diseases and mango hopper attack from last three years.


I tried my knowledge level best to overcome these problems by different chemicals available in market but all in vain. Luckily I got registration in EMFP cluster and attended trainings.

I feel pleasure to share that as per recommendations of EMFP Trainer Mr. Abu Bakar, I adopted timely pruning and integrated approach, both chemical and cultural method. Due to this approach now my orchard is free of anthracnose and sudden death. I recommend all other growers to do proper pruning of trees and to use integrated disease and pest management and avoid wasting money on just chemicals.