Success Story


Success Story of a Trainee Regarding Proper Use of the Farm Yard Manure


Name: Nadeem Ahmad

Contact# 0302-7244817

Address: Village Mehmood Pur, Tehsil and District Pakpattan.

My name is Nadeem Ahmad. I am living in a small village Mehmood Pur. It is situated in the Tehsil and District of Pakpattan. Farming is my full-time profession, and I am entirely depended upon it for my earing. Mainly, Potato, Rice, and Maize are major crops of my area, and I am Waqar approached me while I am working on my farm, with one my friend from my neighboring village which is already registered with him. Firstly, he gave me his comprehensive introduction and told me that he is the focal person and Training Expert of potato in my area. Afterward, he gave me a brief overview of the Established of Model Farms Project (EMFP). He also shared some success stories of the EMFP’s previous working in the Mango and Orange regions. Furthermore, he also told me about the project goals about enhancing the exports of our agriculture products, he emphasized on that the Punjab Government is now very much interested in boosting up the country’s current exports. He shared the working method of the EMFP project with me and told me about how the training will be conducted and selected my Dera for training.

First, I thought that this project is also like a pesticide company dealer who had their benefits while educating the farmers.

But, after the first meeting he conducted at our village, it is clear for me that it is entirely a different kind of project and I made up my mind to cooperate with them throughout the whole season. He gave us a comprehensive training about each phase of our potato crop from sowing to harvesting in each different module like sowing, weed control, irrigation management, etc.

However, the most useful modules for me was related to the balanced use of fertilizers. During his training session, he told me about the way of making compost from our farm yard manure and its benefits for the soil fertility like maintaining ph. Value of the soil. Also, he also educates us about the adverse effects of the usage of the mediocre and bad quality farm yard manure. I also experienced these effects on three acres of my land where I apply the poor quality of farmyard manure which destroyed my property. I am not able to understand the reason behind this before attending the training session and waste a lot of money on pesticides.


However, these training helps me to understand my land correctly and react according to the situation of my land. I hope that this project will work in our area in next season also and educate more farmers like me to solve our problems.