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The Agriculture Department, Government of Punjab, Pakistan has initiated a project titled “Establishment of Model Farms Linked with Improved Supply Chain and Value Addition” (commonly known as EMFP) which aims to develop model farms for improved product quality and enhanced productivity through capacity building of farmers in good agricultural practices while specifically focusing on horticulture products like Citrus, Mango, Potato and Vegetable. This also includes a generous grant support program for relevant stakeholders to acquire international export certifications and adopt innovative technology.

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Our Collaborators

Implementation arrangements have been proposed by CAB International; an intergovernmental agency and a United Nations registered entity in association with Star Farm Pakistan, a METRO Group company. CHAP/ FERA have been proposed as the sub-contractors of the CABI & Star Farm Implementation Team (CABI-SFPK JV). CABI-SFPK JV will work as two tiers; technical and marketing. CABI-SFPK JV will utilize its expertise and links to identify technical gaps and constraints, and develop opportunities for farmers, processors and pack house operators to facilitate project interventions and finally for the branding of Punjab’s Horticulture produce, called Pak GAP


To see Pakistan Agriculture as eminent export industry in South East Asian region particularly in citrus, mango, potato and vegetables.


To promote the agricultural industry of Pakistan on a national and international level through the establishment of model, innovative farms that generate high quality, value added produce and subsidizing of exporters so they can explore new markets and contribute towards the 30% increase in exports that EMFP has envisioned.  


The ultimate objective of the Project is to enhance export of horticulture products of Punjab by 30% through broad-based economic transformation of the horticulture industry. A number of initiatives have been designed to create trade linkages with domestic and international markets.

  • Export promotion by addressing constraints of SPS and WTO.
  • Development of supply chain infrastructure.
  • Incentive structure for private sector.
  • Establishment of farmers and marketing linkages.
  • Facilitate group marketing and business clusters for developing economies of scale.

Wasif Khurshid
Secretary Agriculture(Punjab)
33 (2)
Ehsan Bhutta
Special Secretary Agriculture (Marketing)
11 (2)
Kashif Jamsheed
Project Director(EMFP)
Dr. Arshad H. Hashmi
Team Lead
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